Тезисы докладов, присланные в оргкомитет

Submitted abstracts

Rusev V.N., Skorikov A. V. (Moscow, Russia). Renewal function for Weibull - Gnedenko underlying lifetime distribution and operating costs management strategy

Rykov V.V., Kozyrev D.V. (Moscow, Russia). To problems of sensitivity of stochastic models

Gliklikh Yu.E. (Voronezh, Russia). Investigation of completeness of stochastic flows, generated by equations with current velocities

Tikhov M.S. (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia). Fourier method for recursive estimation of distribution function in dose-effect relationship

Holevo A. S. (Moscow, Russia). Quantum dynamical semigroups: nonstandard generators, stochastic representations

Belopolskaya Ya.I. (St. Petersburg, Russia). Systems of forward and backward nonlinear Kolmogorov equations

Mashkov E.Yu. (Kursk, Russia). On solvability of singular stochastic Leontieff type equation with impulse action II

Nikitina A.V. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Semenyakina A.A. (Taganrog, Russia). Modeling of production and destruction phytoplankton processes in shallow water based on stochastic approach

Chistyakov A.E. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia). Stochastic modeling of turbulent flows in coastal system on supercomputer

Pchelintsev E.A., Perelevskiy S.S. (Tomsk, Russia). Estimation of the drift coefficient in diffusion processes

Tikhomirov A. N. (Syktyvkar, Russia). Local Limit Theorems for Random Matrices

Vasiliev V.A. (Tomsk, Russia). Optimal parameter estimation of an autoregression by observations with additive noise

Yakymiv A.L. (Moscow, Russia). Multivariate regular variation and multiple power series distributions

Eberlein E. (Freiburg, Germany). Multiple curve interest rate modelling allowing for negative rates

Pechersky E.A. (Moscow, Russia). Large Deviations for a class of Markov Processes